Louvre Rack Kits


Louvre Rack Kits provide a simple and efficient way to organise small parts in our plastic storage bins. The frames are made from strong box section profiles and the louvre panels from hard wearing galvanised steel.

The units can be configured as standalone bays or in runs using starter and extension bays, either single or double sided.

Each bay is 1920mm high x 930mm wide. Single sided bays are 530mm deep and double sided are 710mm deep

You can find the bin sizes and quantities break down for each kit down below.

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Each kit comes supplied with the plastic storage bins, please see the size break down below:

Kit A:

16 x 76mm x 106mm x 135mm

24 x 76mm  x 106mm x 187mm

12 x 127mm x 140mm x 274mm

8 x 179mm x 210mm x 375mm

6 x  254mm x 280mm x 357mm


Kit B:

32 x  76mm  x 106mm x 187mm

24 x 127mm x 140mm x 274mm

16 x 179mm x 210mm x 375mm


Kit C:

24 x  76mm x 106mm x 135mm

24 x 76mm  x 106mm x 187mm

12 x 179mm x 210mm x 375mm

**Please note the number of bins is per side, double sided will have 2x number of bins**

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